Twins in leadership make school history!

5 Nov 2013

The twins grew up on a family property, Cheela Plains Station, 90 kilometres from Paraburdoo in the Pilbara. It was there that the boys completed their entire junior schooling through the School of the Air. As well as their half hour lessons, run by computer conferencing, their school days involved completing paper based units that were first marked in the family’s schoolroom and then sent away to the teachers in Port Headland for further marking. 

The twins’ parents, Evan and Robin, had always planned for the boys to attend a boarding school in Perth, and with their father Evan an Old Boy of the School, Guildford Grammar School was an easy choice. The boys quickly made the transition into boarding and easily adjusted to life in a busy school. 

During their time at Guildford Grammar School, Fraser and Gavin have been motivated by the many opportunities that have been presented to them in the areas of sporting and academic pursuits. Fraser is motivated by the fact that every new concept he learns open up more doors for him. “I understand that putting in hard work now is the easiest way to create future opportunities,” he said. Gavin’s major motivation in both sports and academics is that he can measure his success. “Every time I record a faster time or a higher percentage grade, I get a real sense of accomplishment, and then look forward to setting a new goal to strive towards.” Fraser and Gavin have been very appreciative of the aspects of the school they have been able to utilise and feel that the relationships and friendships they have formed have added a real depth and enjoyment to their learning. 

The two boys have set their sights firmly on building a legacy during their time as leaders within the school. Together they aim to support each other in upholding the value of respect towards Guildford Grammar School’s history, the environment that encompasses the beautiful grounds, and continue to build on the overall comradeship amongst the students of the school. 

The boys are keeping their options open in terms of what they plan to do once they graduate from the School. Fraser hopes to continue on to university and study either Medicine or Engineering, whilst maintaining involvement in rowing, which he has grown to love during his time at school. Gavin is remaining open minded and exploring the options of travelling, returning to the family station or studying Human Resource Management or Engineering at university. 
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