School Leaders announced

17 Oct 2013

Captain of School Fraser Pensini (11He), School Sacristan 

Vice Captain of School Gavin Pensini (11He), School Sacristan

Captain of Boarding Richard Wood (11Fr)

Henry (Harry) Cassell (11SG)
Lachlan (Charlie) Carey (11Wb) 
David Gregory (11St)
Jonathan Love (11Be)
Jack Kalotas (11Sc)
Kieren Park (11Wb)
David Ratcliffe (11Be)
Matthew Stacey (11SG) 
Liam Wright (11Wb) 

House Captains 2014

School House - Jack Kalotas (11Sc)
St George’s House - Henry (Harry) Cassell (11SG)
Stirling House - David Gregory (11St)
Henn’s House - Naish Wallace (11He)
Harper House - Paul Harcus (11Ha)
Woodbridge House - Kieren Park (11Wb)
Freeth House - Fraser Sewell (11Fr)
Bennett House - David Ratcliffe (11Be)
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